About Us

Dado Homes is one of South Australia's fastest growing independent builders, with a commitment to quality and affordability.

Our range of prestige designs is rapidly growing, and we are always able to make alterations to suit your individual needs. We at Dado Homes believe we have the skills and knowledge to make your dream home a reality

Unlike other major builders we give you an exclusive 16 week construction guarantee. However our special offers do not stop there, and you will soon realize that - at Dado Homes you always come first.

Our highly skilled team comprising of Architects, Designers, Surveyors and Town Planners are able to undertake any development project from the initial concept design through to final drawings, always complying with Local Council and Local Authorities Development conditions.

The Dado Homes Process

There are six key stages within the procedure of construction:

Stage 1. Base stage
  • Site start with set out. Excavation of site where required. Under slab drains laid and concrete slab poured.
  • Base Stage complete.
Stage 2: Frame stage
  • Frame constructed, roof trusses installed.
  • Frame stage complete.
  • Note: Site supervisor can be contacted to arrange a site meeting (if required).
Stage 3: Brickwork stage
  • Plumbing rough ins completed. 
  • Brickwork or Hebel block completed.
  • Brickwork stage complete.
  • Note: Site supervisor can be contacted to arrange a site meeting (if required).
Stage 4: Lock up stage
  • Roof tiles installed.
  • Statutory authority inspection complete.
Stage 5: Commencement of linings
  • Electrical, security, ducted vacuum and air conditioning ductwork (if applicable) rough ins completed. Wall insulation installed (if applicable).
Stage 6: Practical completion stage
  • Painting, wall and floor tiling complete. All electrical, plumbing, heating and vacuum systems fitted off. Shower screens, mirrors and splashbacks installed. Door furniture, robe rails etc. to be installed.
Stage 7: Settlement
  • Practical completion inspection of your new home to be carried out. Settlement of your new home will be within 7 days.
    Client requirements:
  • Owner to inspect home with an Dado Homes representative. Final payment Due.
Stage 8: Enjoy
  • The last part of your journey is to move in and enjoy your quality new home built by the professional team here at Dado Homes